Professionally designed instrument approach and departure procedures facilitate aircraft operations in poor weather conditions and at night time. The use of these procedures benefits our clients in many ways. These include:

  • Improved airport accessibility – instrument approach procedures allow aircraft to use the airport when weather or night time conditions would otherwise close the airport
  • Improved operational reliability – with an airport significantly less sensitive to weather, it becomes more reliable
  • Reduced airport operating costs – satellite-based instrument procedures require no airport physical airport infrastructure. In many cases, the existing ground-based navigation aids can be decommissioned with the attendant savings in operational costs
  • Improved safety – professionally designed instrument procedures dramatically improve the safety of airport operations by providing guidance to pilots. Satellite-based procedures, particularly WAAS approach procedures, provide a dramatic improvement in safety owing to their unprecedented accuracy.

JetPro has the training, experience and capability to provide the following instrument procedure design:

Approaches (both non-precision and precision)
Conventional Navigation Aids
  • NDB
  • LOC
  • ILS

Satellite-based (GPS)
  • LNAV

Augmented GPS
  • GBAS

Required Navigation Performance RNP
  • RNP Basic
  • RNP Approval Required (AR)
  • RNP Special Aircraft & Aircrew Authorization Required (SAAAR)

  • Conventional
  • RNAV (Area Navigation)
  • RNP

Aircraft Types
  • Fixed wing
  • Rotary

Flight Check

JetPro has the only non NAV CANADA capacity to flight check the following procedures:

  • Conventional
  • GPS
  • WAAS